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Humanity has now found itself sucked in an unprecedented swirl and it becomes vital to remind of Culture persistently. Sadly, its value has been twisted. Misinterpreted and mixed up words "Culture" and "Civilization", yet again come up as a shock to mankind. Monuments of the human genius perish one by one. Everything is coming to an end.

But human heart aspires to heroism and feat. The Russian forces show unheard of victories in the name of the motherland and the bright future. The culture shapes the future. Deeds for the love of Culture are especially valuable when they are born not in luxury and abundance, but in hard everyday work, in exertion of creating psychic energy .

Greetings from the heart to all friends and colleagues! Let us move on!

March 24, 1944
N.Roerich. Dairy pages. Moscow, ICR, 1996 vol.3


Section themes

.: Culture. N. Roerich Realm of light, Roerich Museum Press, 1933

.: The Pantheon of Russian Culture N. Roerich Fiery Stronghold,
The Stratford Company, Boston, 1933




The signature collection
Everyone has opportunity to support the action for the Affirmation of the 15th of April as the Universal Day of Culture under the Banner of Peace and take part in the internet voting on the site. Your voice will be considered in UNESCO.

Petitioning V.V. Putin
V.V. Putin: Do not allow the destruction of the public Museum named after N.K. Roerich!

The Union of Baltic Cities

The Union of Baltic Cities supports establishment of the Universal Day of Culture

Banner of Peace and Pax Cultura in Vilnius 2011, Lithuania
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The organizing committee
119313, Russia, Moscow,
the Lenin prospectus,
the house 90, office 211