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It is added on November, 15th 2009

The International Movement for the affirmation of the Universal Day of Culture under the Banner of Peace

From year to year representatives of science, education, creative unions, religious formations, public and political figures don’t get tired to assert that neither economy, nor military-defensive doctrine should be put as a priority in domestic and foreign policy. This place belongs to Culture.

The culture has been the Savior at all times of human history, a Peace Stronghold on the Earth. The development of national cultures and the international cooperation in science, education and art leads to mutual understanding, friendship and respect of people on the Planet, despite their nationality and religion. Education of cultural spiritually minded generations is a pledge of future prosperity and life improvement.

This great idea belongs to the outstanding Russian artist, scientific thinker and public figure Nikolas Roerich. From 1904 he raised question about the importance of Culture in his works and addresses to the public and the governments. After World War I he submitted to the Russian government the pact’s draft, which ensured protection of cultural values. From 1929 preparation of the first «Treaty on the protection of Artistic and Scientific Institutions and Historic monuments» – «Roerich Pact» began. On the 15th of April, 1935 in the presence of President Roosevelt in the White House in Washington, the USA together with 20 Latin American countries signed the Roerich Pact. The Banner of Peace which N. Roerich named the “Red Cross of Culture” was chosen as a symbol of the Roerich Pact.

Ideas of the importance of Culture for a preservation of peace, formulated by N.K. Roerich, are considered already after the end of World War II during the period of UNESCO creation. In 1950 the Committee of the Pact and the Banner of Peace transferred all documentation on the Pact to UNESCO. The special commission of UNESCO prepared the draft of international convention on the basis of these documents. On the 14th of May, 1954 United Nations conference in Hague accepted the «Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict».

Other international documents were also accepted subsequently – «Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage» 1972, «Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity» 2001, «Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions» 2005, «UNESCO Declaration concerning the Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage» 2003, but Roerich Pact was the first to declare the importance of Culture and the urge to protect its heritage.

Day of Culture is commemorated annually as a public initiative in many countries of Europe, America and Asia. Day of Culture is celebrated as a public initiative in many countries of Europe, America and Asia. Lithuania is the first country where Day of Culture is celebrated at a state level from 2006!

Today the International Movement unites more than 25 thousand persons from 40 organizations of 14 countries.

Organizing committee of the International Movement invites people worldwide, devoted to Culture and realizing it’s priority in society life to join committee’s initiative!